We have a few vehicles in our fleet for which we’re looking to find new homes!

So far, we’ve seen some AMAZING transformations. Just take a look at what our little #198 bluebird became:

Check out Waffle’n Joe! A Maryland based food truck serving premise roasted coffees and Liege waffles.



1987 Orion

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For Immediate Release:

June 25, 2018


VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company Announces Additions to Fleet

Woman-owned Maine company marks 33 years in business with fleet additions


Portland – Lana Sawyer, an owner and operator of Portland-based VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company, has announced major new additions to the company’s vehicle fleet.

“We are continually updating our fleet to satisfy the needs of our customers, and we’re fortunate to be in the position to be able to make those updates. In our 33rd year in business, we are excited to announce the purchase of a brand new motor coach that seats 55 passengers, as well as a new 38-passenger Van Hool luxury coach. VIP has the newest fleet of coaches in Maine and is proud to offer top-of-the-line modern comforts to travelers,” said Sawyer.

The new 55-passenger Prevost X3-45 motor coach features 110-volt outlets with USB ports, Wi-Fi, video systems with DVD capability, window blinds, reclining seats, 3-point seatbelts, individually adjustable temperature, a restroom, and top of the line technology for clean-burning engines. It is the 14th new Prevost the company has purchased.

In addition to the current fleet of 55-passenger motor coaches and the Van Hool luxury coach, VIP also offers a 6-passenger Ford Flex, a 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter, and 41 to 44-passenger activity coaches.

About VIP

VIP was founded in 1985 when Raymond Penfold, Jr. (1927-2016) decided to leave the trucking industry after 40 years and start his own business. Presently carried on by his family, VIP has been giving customers the opportunity to travel safely and comfortably on tours and chartered trips for 33 years. VIP seeks to be the consumer’s first choice for safe, efficient, reliable and comfortable transportation, tours and related travel services. The company employs 25 people. 


(Attached Photo: 2018 Prevost X3-45 motor coach)

Media Contact: 

Maureen Davis, 772-4457


WE DID IT! #IndustryUnited

April 10-11, 2018
The first ever United Motorcoach Association (UMA) and American Bus Association (ABA) joint Bus and Motorcoach Industry Fly-in this week on Capitol Hill was a success!

This was our opportunity to come to Washington, DC to interact with our Congressional delegates and important agency officials and make sure our voices are heard. Owners and senior management from bus and motorcoach companies from around the nation gathered to meet with our Congressional elected officials to discuss the industry’s most pressing legislative issues.

Raising our voices together for our Industry! We’re glad to be a part of it! Thanks, Jason, for representing VIP! #vipchartercoach #CapitolHillDays #washingtonDC

Members from both associations hit the pavement hard, visiting more than 150 Congressional offices.


If you crave a career that allows you to make a difference in the lives of others, a career in bus driving might be a great fit for you.

Every passenger has a story.

  • One of them is on his way to a make-or-break business meeting.
  • Another one is nervous – she’s on her way to starting a new life in a new city.
  • A family is on their way to warm weather, soft sand, and grandma’s house.

As a bus driver, it’s your job to relieve the businessman of unnecessary travel worries so he can focus on his meeting, greet the scared young woman with a warm, comforting smile to help ease her nerves, and provide the family a safe trip to the airport so the kids can get to grandma’s in one piece.

Great bus drivers don’t just drive, they care. They go beyond the job description to ensure their passengers have the best experience possible on their journey – no matter where they are going or what their story is.

But what are some other qualities that make great bus drivers? If you want to be happy, appreciated, and confident in your position, it’s important that you have a few key personality traits. Here are some qualities that make a great bus driver:

  1. They’re personable.

As the driver, you are acting as the face of your bus line’s brand. And, while your driving skills are a crucial part of that brand, your ability to interact with your passengers is also very important.

It’s your job to make every passenger feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. People remember kindness and friendliness, and if they have a positive experience, they will likely come back.

  1. They’re willing to lead.

Are you a born leader? Do you enjoy taking the wheel (pun intended!) when things need to get done?

All great bus drivers are natural leaders. As a driver, you’re in charge of the well-being of a bus full of passengers. So, having that ability and confidence to lead is essential.

  1. They’re calm under pressure.

Bus drivers have no control of those around them while on the road, and must be ready for anything that might cross their paths.

A few challenges bus drives might face include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Disgruntled passengers
  • Road rage
  • Poor traffic conditions

Your first priority as a driver is the safety of your passengers. Being able to make rational decisions under pressure is a key quality in great bus drivers.

  1. They’re dedicated to their work.

Having passion for your work is a major part of your life happiness. The majority of the workforce spends about one third of their lives working, so you need to make sure you’re doing something you love.

The best bus drivers are not only dedicated to their work, but they’re also proud to be drivers.

  1. They’re respectful of others.

The foundation of a great operation is a great team. So, in addition to showing the utmost respect for their passengers, great drivers also treat their colleagues with respect.

In the end, great bus drivers care. They care about their passengers, their colleagues, and their work. Every passenger has a story, and every bus driver has the opportunity help make it a great one.

Ready to take the wheel?

If you crave a career that allows you to make a difference in the lives of others, a career in bus driving might be a great fit for you. https://vipchartercoaches.com/about-us/employment/

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