Traveling with students by motor coach this year? Here is what you should know before you go:

1. Bathroom: Motor coach buses are equipped with a bathroom. However, bathroom contents are only emptied at the end of the trip. For the comfort of all passengers, please use the bus bathroom only in cases of true emergency. Tour leaders plan regular restroom stops into all trips, both on long drive stretches to your destination and during walking tours.

2. Complete Stop: For your safety, please do not stand or move around the bus when the bus is in motion, even if it is slowing to a stop. Heavy traffic can sometimes result in abrupt stops or bus motions. Please stay safe and remain seated.

3. Bag Storage: Suitcases and luggage are stored in a compartment underneath the bus. Pack a small bag of essentials to have with you while traveling on the bus. Overhead storage space above each seat  is limited. Pack only what is comfortable to have on your lap or at your feet.

4. Know Where to Go:  In certain locations, the bus drop-off point is different than the pick-up or meet-up place. Pay extremely close attention to the words of your tour leader before you exit the bus so that you are informed of the final meeting location.

5. Take a Picture: Take a physical or mental picture of your bus and note the bus number. This information may be critical for relocating the group if you find yourself lost.

6. High Energy, Little Crumbs: Our tours often involve a large amount of walking; it is the best way to see any city! If you decide to snack, choose snacks that are healthy and provide a lot of energy, such as fruit or granola bar. For the cleanliness of the bus and comfort of other passengers, select snacks that do not create many crumbs.

7. Trash Cans: A trash can is often located at the front of every bus. Gather your trash and throw out the next time you exit the bus. Remember to stay seated until the bus fully stops.

8. Featured Film:  Almost all motor coaches are equipped with a DVD player and TVs for viewing. If you choose to show a movie, please make sure that the content is appropriate for the traveling age group.

9. Say Hello and Thank You:  The bus driver works diligently to ensure that you arrive safely and on time at your destination. Show your appreciation and respect by greeting the driver when you step on the bus and thanking the driver when you exit. Your gratitude is valued and goes a long way.

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