Compliance, Safety, Accountability -
Safe motorcoach travel is the product of good planning, knowledgeable investigations, wise choices, and common sense. We hope we have been able to provide you with better tools in making your decision, and, of course, we hope you will choose VIP for your motorcoach needs.

VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company recognizes that safety is one of the most significant priorities for our clients. VIP is very firm with adhering to all federal regulations and conducting safety oriented training.

Our drivers are trained professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest ride possible for their passengers. As qualified Interstate drivers, they meet a multitude of rigorous Federal Standards. For example, on a regular basis, driving records are checked and drivers must pass a physical exam, which includes drug screening.
We are recipients of several awards for our reliable service, including the Robert J. McRell Safety Award, being one of only four bus companies selected in North America to receive this prestigious award.

Below is a list of various safety-related precautions our company takes that we would like to share with you:

Awarded the highest safety rating by US Department of Defense

Fully authorized to conduct business under DOT#285149

VIP is a member of the Highway Watch anti-terrorism program

We conduct regular driver safety and training programs

VIP maintains employees in on-going, random drug and alcohol screening

Strict adherence to Federal Hours of Service Regulations that include:

  • Maximum 10 hours driving per day
  • Maximum 15 hours on-duty per day
  • Minimum of 8 consecutive hours off-duty between days
  • Supply multiple drivers when itineraries exceed these requirements

Drivers under go carefully pre-employment screening and testing that includes;

  • Check for current CDL License with P endorsement
  • DOT Medical approval
  • Driving background check
  • Drug-screening
  • Previous employer performance checks
  • Technical skills training

Daily inspections of each vehicle with a written verification of inspection

Routine physical inspection of all systems, with complete preventative maintenance

Each vehicle is inspected for sanitary conditions and thoroughly cleansed on a daily basis

First aid kit and fire extinguisher onboard each vehicle

ADA Compliant

AVL Satellite tracking systems

Direct connect wireless communication with all drivers

Please consider our services when planning your next group outing or event!