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Welcome to the online booking system for Foxwoods Casino casino.

Online reservations are not accepted within 4 days of departure. However, you are welcome to call 207-772-4457 and make a reservation with a representative over the phone via debit or credit card. If you do not have a paid reservation, seat availability cannot be guaranteed. When seats are available, walk-ons are accepted

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Sunday 05/07/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 05/20/17Book Now!Price: $30.00
Sunday 05/21/17Book Now!Price: $30.00
Sunday 08/06/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 08/20/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Monday 08/21/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Tuesday 08/22/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Friday 12/01/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 12/02/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 12/03/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Thursday 12/07/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Friday 12/08/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 12/09/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 12/10/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Thursday 12/14/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Friday 12/15/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 12/16/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 12/17/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Thursday 12/21/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Friday 12/22/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 12/23/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 12/24/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Thursday 12/28/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Friday 12/29/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Saturday 12/30/17Book Now!Price: $40.00
Sunday 12/31/17Book Now!Price: $40.00